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Counterfeit CapXon Products

Counterfeit CapXon Products

Dear customers and business partners, please use only our official sales network for purchasing CapXon capacitors. It is found recently that capacitors with CapXon logo but unknown source circulate in the market, which are not genuine products of CapXon.

CapXon capacitors are developed, produced and operated by CapXon. The intellectual property rights of CapXon brand enjoyed according to law are protected by law. It is an infringement for any unit or individual to produce or sell CapXon capacitors without legal authorization. CapXon will reserve the right to investigate the tort liability of relevant units and individuals.

We inform you that companies listed on the next page are not our agents or cooperative units, and CapXon does not sell through any malls or retail channels. Please be careful when choose sales channels of CapXon products. If there is demand of CapXon capacitors, please contact CapXon or legally authorized agents directly. All customers and business partners are welcome to visit CapXon original factory for further cooperation in Shenzhen.

CapXon will not commit quality assurance for any products purchased through unauthorized channels and if any quality issue or accident occurs, it has nothing to do with CapXon.



Fengbin Industrial Park, Tangwei Community,

Fenghuang Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China.





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CapXon Europe Office

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CapXon Taiwan/Shenzhen Office

Be aware that the companies listed below are not our agents or cooperative units:

Chinese company nameEnglish company name
蘇州威富瑞電子有限公司 Suzhou Weifurui Electronic Co., Ltd
蘇州星輝能電子有限公司 Suzhou Xinghuineng Electronic Co., Ltd
上海梯狄凱電機商行 Shanghai Ti Dikai Electronic Co., Ltd
深圳京福電子有限公司 Shenzhen Jingfu Electronic Co., Ltd
深圳市富士昌科技有限公司 Shenzhen Fushichang Technology Co., Ltd
蘇州銳紐迪電子科技有限公司 Suzhou Ruiniudi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
深圳市華凱恒科技有限公司 Shenzhen Huakai Technology Co., Ltd
科登電子(深圳)有限公司 Corden Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
吳江泰亞電子有限公司 Wujiang Taiya Electronic Co., Ltd
深圳普合科技有限公司 Shenzhen Puhe Technology Co., Ltd
杭州森澤微電子科技有限公司 Hangzhou Senzewei Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
蘇州中富電子有限公司 Suzhou Zhongfu Electronic Co., Ltd
深圳正天翔科技有限公司 Shenzhen Zhengtianxiang Technology Co., Ltd
深圳市尼康文鋒電子有限公司 Shenzhen Nikon Wenfeng Electronic Co., Ltd
深圳市金鵬輝科技有限公司    Shenzhen Jin Penghui Technology Co., Ltd

This list only contains the companies we know to date. The list will be updated aperiodically in the future.