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◆ Warning & Disclaimer:
  • Specification and description for the component(s) are subject to change without notice.
  • Operation conditions (ambient temperature, ripple current, thermal resistance, etc.) may affect the lifetime of a capacitor, please consult Capxon for lifetime calculation in your application.
  • For aerospace or military application and for life‐saving or life‐sustaining applications please consult us before design‐in in your application.
  • Under no circumstance, Capxon warrants that any Capxon product is suitable for the purposes intended for your application, even Capxon knows the application.
    It is buyer’s duty and obligation to check and make sure that Capxon’s products are suitable for the purposes intended and select the correct and proper Capxon product.
  • Except for the written express warranties, Capxon DO NOT, impliedly, by assumption or whatever else, warrant, undertake, promise any other warranty or guaranty for Capxon’s Products.